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Dystlab is primarily about development and lifelong learning.
On this website, we have gathered the knowledge gained over the years of practice in engineering.

We believe that sharing knowledge is beneficial for all participants in this process.
After all, it is synergy and collaboration that lead to the best results!

We want this platform to become a reliable base for mastering and developing engineering skills for structural engineers, architects, and other engineering professionals.

This will be our investment in the development of the professionalism of engineers and improving the quality of engineering projects.

2015 - Dystlab started as a project for individual training of engineers.

2017 - Dystlab began to do group online training on the calculation of structures, modeling in Tekla Structures, etc.

2020 - Launch of the Dystlab Education platform with video courses for CIS engineers.

2021 - Update dystlab.com and transform the resource into an engineering knowledge base.

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Clear explanations

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We are committed to providing the best engineering lectures.  See All Lectures

We are committed to providing the best engineering lectures. See All Lectures

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